She’s Back

I deeply miss being alone in a room full of people. Walking through a crowded train station in a city where I know no one, an indistinguishable face amongst many at the cinema, a supporter whose noise has been subsumed by the crowd.

Recently, I was sitting with some friends outside at the pub talking about the impending possibility of happiness. A lot of our joy comes from situations where we lose ourselves or become someone else for a while. Dancing, celebrating, being in nature—all of these involve surrendering part of ourselves to something bigger. But recently, we’ve had to be ourselves for so long. Literally staring at our faces, having our every move reflected back at us.

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I Love My Body, but Still Have Disordered Eating

If we’re going to have serious talks about body positivity, we also need to include a very critical look into the ways money and power have toyed with our ideas of “health” and “beauty”. It’s not just the patriarchy, it’s the patriarchy wrapped up in the tortilla of capitalist evil, topped with the salsa of classism, and a side of racist sour cream. Continue reading I Love My Body, but Still Have Disordered Eating